Sea Moss Bar Soap

Omari Organix

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•Our sea moss soap is perfect for those looking for a fragrance-free and gentle cleansing lather. This bar contains healing antibacterial properties from our wildcrafted Irish moss sustainably sourced straight from the Caribbean & will leave skin feeling firm + supple

This bar can help to soothe the surface of the skin from skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, sunburn, and other skin inflammation


 -Product is gentle enough to be used as a face, body, and hand soap bar although we recommend doing a small patch test before using any of our products. For further information regarding skin sensitivities and our recommendations, please visit our FAQs + Disclaimers page

-We recommend using a bath strainer for this soap to easily clean up sea moss particles & prevent them from being washed down the drain

-Store your soap outside of the tub in a cool dry place such as a wooden soapbox to prolong the soap use